Steve Rendle

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Steve Rendle
Date of hire
Which car did you hire?
Mustang GT 5.0 V8 RHD
Please write a brief review of your sports car experience
Mustang is my son’s favourite car, and was hired to take him to his Prom.
Not being a diehard fan of US cars, I was very pleasantly surprised by the latest Mustang – felt very ‘European’ in its handling.
Excellent, precise and short-throw-linkage gearbox with light clutch. Short spacing between gear 1–4 for impressive acceleration, but keeps your left hand busy! More of a gap to 5th, and 6th almost overdrive – in relative terms, bearing in mind the V8 torque!
Very impressive brakes, even when cold. Steering light and communicative, with excellent feedback, and good feel through power-assistance system.
Great driving position, with good visibility all-round, though imposing bonnet a challenge at first in terms of judging where the front of the car is when parking! Familiarity makes is easier!
Engine? It’s a big V8 – lots of muscle, lots of torque, and lots of noise!
Terrific performance, great handling, and the car actually feels much lighter and smaller to drive than its physical presence suggests.
And then there’s the noise! Addictive and just pure V8 music!
Grins per mile – off the clock! Fuel per mile – it ain’t a smugmobile Prius!
How would you rate your hire experience overall?
5 star
How would you rate our service to you before, during and at the end of your hire?
5 star
If you have any comments or feedback of any sort, please leave them here
Many thanks for being so helpful in accommodating my slightly ‘non-standard’ request for hire, and for the friendly, quick and efficient service.
Would happily recommend your services.

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