Ben Childs

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Ben Childs
Date of hire
Which car did you hire?
Ferrari F430
Please write a brief review of your sports car experience
After a tour of the car we jumped in and headed to the train station to drop Mark off. It soon became apparent what a monster this car was.
After an hour just cruising and getting used to it I tickled the throttle in 3rd gear and nearly wet my pants! What a beast!
Even though it goes like a stabbed rat it is surprisingly easy to drive. The acceleration is just astonishing, if you can afford this car get it.
Mark and Wayne were extremely professional leading up to the day they dropped the car off.
On the day the car was due to arrive Mark let me know early that morning what time he’d arrive and he arrived bang on time.
A great company, a great car and an experience I will never forget.
How would you rate your hire experience overall?
5 star
How would you rate our service to you before, during and at the end of your hire?
5 star

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