Ben Arnold

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Ben Arnold
Date of hire
Which car did you hire?
T5 Camper
Please write a brief review of your sports car experience
As a sports car the T5 leaves a lot to be desired. Acceleration is poor and you get funny looks from Porsche owners when revving at the lights. However, when did you last cook supper in your Porsche?
Joking aside, this T5 is a perfect weekend getaway vehicle, with ample space for two people and all the equipment you need.
How would you rate your hire experience overall?
5 star
How would you rate our service to you before, during and at the end of your hire?
5 star
If you have any comments or feedback of any sort, please leave them here
You have a very impressive operation at Drive SW, with just the right balance of attention to detail and the personal touch.

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