If you’re looking for a flexible way to drive a brand new vehicle for 6-12 months, then flexiDRIVE is for you.

Committing to 2 or 3 year lease deals may not be for you or your business, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy driving a prestige vehicle without the hassle of ownership. With low up front payments (normally one months rent), flexible terms between 6 and 12 months and no long term commitment, it’s a viable alternative to standard leasing, especially for businesses.

Our available vehicle stock changes weekly, with marques including Audi, Mercedes, VW, BMW, Volvo and more, our focus is on supplying prestige vehicles for you to enjoy. All vehicles are supplied brand new to us, and will never be more than 12 months old at the end of term. Below is our latest price list:

Some examples of how flexiDRIVE works best include:

  • Ideal for short term contract work or contractors
  • To bridge the gap whilst awaiting delivery of your new car
  • Temporary company cars
  • To provide company vehicles for new starters
  • Enhance your business by driving the latest models
  • Drive a new vehicle every 6-12 months (depending on terms and vehicles)

So how does flexiDRIVE compare to the traditional Contract Hire deals?

  • Much more mileage – 12-14k for 6 month deals normally, and up to 20k for 12 month deals normally (some variance)
  • Tax included
  • Little or no maintenence and car covered under warranty
  • Much lower up front payments, i.e. one month for flexiDRIVE vs 6-9 months for contract hire. As flexiDRIVE is rental rather than lease the deposit is refundable too.
  • All VAT recoverable vs only 10% on leases or contract hire (depending on business setup and VAT registration)
  • A new car at the end of each term (change model or replace existing depending on stock), or simply hand back.

All vehicles come with standard manufacturers warranty, roadside assistance, tax and a monthly mileage allowance. You will need to provide insurance, and of course put the fuel in!

To find out more call 01225 667373, email info@drivesouthwest.co.uk or fill out your details on our enquiry form.